CMS 20/21 Season Update

We hope this finds everyone healthy and well.

At this point in past years, CMS would have already hosted an early season Rail Jam and we would be looking forward to our athletes gearing up for the rest of our events.

Obviously, this is not a “normal” season. But we want you to know that CMS has been working with our resort partners, as well as local health officials, and are hoping to hold events in February and March. These events will be run under the USASA Return to Play Plan which can be found here. While they may be a bit different than “normal”, we are looking forward to giving our athletes the opportunity to compete this season.

We would love to be able to tell you when the schedule will be finalized, however we are giving the resorts the time to get through the start of the season and the holiday week while figuring out the “new” way of doing business.

In the meantime, since we all miss seeing you guys, send us a picture of you in your CMS Nationals sweatshirt or your gear from this year and let us know what you did to keep busy during “stay at home.” We’ll share your pic and story on social media to keep us all connected. Or post it on your Instagram story and tag @catskillmountainseries.

We will keep you updated and cannot wait to see our CMS families again soon!

Happy New Year!

Bob, Jessica and Marie