Poladian Dominates Weekend

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Former Slalom Bronze medalist at the USASA National Championships, Andrew Poladian, has come out of retirement to dominate the Open Class Alpine Events. Poladian racked up three Gold medals this weekend (2 in Giant Slalom & 1 in Slalom) on his 1st weekend racing since his decision to return to USA Snowboard competitions. Hard work, his new house and preparing athletes for the future are Andrew's focuses as we move through another Olympic year. He is coaching 2009 USASA National Boardercross Champion in the Youth class, Lexis Corbin, in her pursuit of the Open Class Boardercross title as well as working with Youth class athlete, Mike Buldo-Licciardi. Licciardi, who was recently picked up by Mount Everest Ski and Snowboard Shops and had the 3rd fastest time in the Giant Slalom race Saturday (including the Open Class riders!), finished the weekend mirroring Poladian’s performance with a triple Gold medal sweep. Look to see him on the podium of Boardercross events later next month. In the Amateur age divisions there were many heated battles throughout the whole weekend. The most prominent was between Donny Malone and Soma Kobayashi. Kobayashi (coached by Jason Evans) somehow fought out of a seven second deficit during Sunday’s Slalom and held on to his gold medal “hat trick” dreams. Kobayashi’s second run was fast enough to beat everyone on the hill except Poladian. Malone wasn’t going down without a fight and although ending up in second in all three events, was a fierce competitor throughout the weekend. Windham Mountain athletes Maura Passione, Brendan Ward, Caroline Hughes, Deirdra Passione, Teddy Morales, Abigale & Kayla Barnes and Blaze Conlan won many of the podium spots in both the GS and SL events. Female ripper Tristan Freidman and Hunter Mountain team rider Mike Pallella Jr. saw the podium along with new racers Tom and Ryan O'Hara. Kahuna rider Terry Passione took GS Gold at Windham on Sat but it was Lauren Teton who beat Passione (2 Silvers) for the Gold in Sunday’s Giant Slalom & Slalom races at Catamount.

Windham Slopestyle # 2:

Brendan Meehan wins Slopestyle Gold at Windham Mountain with smooth style and excellent execution. Matt Briggs’ big assertive runs landed him the Silver, with Poncho Villa rider Juan Mori taking home the Bronze. Juan, who has just recently returned to snowboarding due to head injuries suffered during a crash earlier this season, is back and ready to fight for his place amongst the nation's best. Fellow Poncho Villa Team rider Pablo Dawybida was able pull off a 4th place run considering he overshot the hip/rainbow/table feature on his first run, a move that could have taken him out for the season let alone the day. Wrapping up the top 5 Open Class riders was Dustin Jordan. In the Amateur classes, Frank Cabrera was there to show that Master men can still be dirty in a good way and local Windham Mountain rider Anthony Savasta went big and clearly won the Menehune boys class. Tom O’Hara continued his rein as leader of the Breaker boys while his little brother Ryan O’Hara battled for first in the Grommet class with rippers Robby Meehan and Colin Hanley. Christian Walwrath of the Senior men put down the best run of the day with the most original run and the most solid stomped style. Donny Malone beat out Soma Konayashi while West Point Team athlete Michele Kane, despite taking a hard fall (that broke her wrist) on her second run still took home Gold. Phil Mashyna came up with the win while West Point Team riders Ben Talbot and Jonathan Strickland took Silver & Bronze respectively in the men Jam’s division. The most intense battle came from the true rippers of the Youth (14-15) men. TJ Prinzo, in from the Mid-Atantic Series, pulled off the win with Nick Ferretti, Chris Anderson, Sean Maben, Dylan Delmata, and Daniel Legg all throwing solid runs that made for a heated competition. All six of these riders could potentially podium at Nationals if they keep riding at this level. Open Class skiers Micheal Galdi (Gold), Tucker Foti (Silver) and Jake McGuffog (Bronze) showed us that east coast skiers are not afraid to do big cork spins on hard pack jumps nor are they afraid of any rails. In the amateur skier classes John Lauria battled Ian Schramm for his gold with Sabastian Ferretti taking Bronze in the 10-12 boy. Even with his sister Shannon as the announcer, Brian Corcoran took gold for 13-15 Skiers. Christopher Fahringer & Colin Parker rounded out the 9 & under Skier Class wins respectively, and Isabella Neibel took the win for the 9 & under girl Skiers.

Catamount Pipe # 2:

Charlie Breast’s big airs, solid grabs and lofty spins made him the clear winner of the Open Class Pipe riders with Brian Lebow and Colin Newcomb rounding out the podium respectively. Nike 6.0 rider Danny Legg, who has been unable to put down clean comp runs despite tearing up practice, landed his second run clean and ended his hiatus from the top of the Youth Men podium. Birthday boy Robby Meehan had his wish come true Sunday as he landed his spins and boosted out of the pipe to take Gold over Ryan O’Hara for the Grommet Class. Chris Frignoca (who has exploded this season), Mike Pallella (with 4 new tricks this week alone) and David McCarthy all battled hard but were unsuccessful in beating out Tom O’Hara in the Breaker Boys. Austin Lamoreaux’s tweaked grabs and never ending progression allowed him to take the win for the Menehune boy pipe riders. With the comp season in full swing, the battle for the National Championships still boils down to who will ……as they say…...BRING IT!