CMS Alumni Highlights

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Jeremy Thompson, Flow, CMS, Snowboarding

There are lots of comps out there on the snow and as you can see, CMS alumni are right there in the middle of them all. Recently, we’ve seen our alumni stepping up and going big. Take a look at a few highlights…

2009 US Open Snowboarding Championships

The 27th Annual US Open Snowboarding Championships kicked off with 120 men in the Halfpipe competition. CMS’s Jeremy Thompson made it through the Qualifiers and Semi-Finals to land a spot in the Halpfpe Finals of snowboarding’s most prestigious event.

Red Bull Butter Cup at Snow Park Niagara

On July 9th, CMS Alumni Tim Humphreys took 1st place when 50 of the top East Coast Regional riders competed at the Red Bull Butter Cup. Snow Park Niagara was the site for this jam-style event with riders hitting custom-made features known as a “butterpads.”

Bonfire Pipe to Pipe Finals

The 12th Annual Bonfire Pipe to Pipe series finished up at Windell’s on July 19th with CMS’s friend Colt Morgan impressing the judges to place 1st in the Ams and solidifying a spot in the Pro Finals where he placed 2nd.