Hunter Slopestyle, Staircase To Heaven

Hunter Mountain Slopestyle

In a ground breaking move over the weekend, Hunter Mountain unveiled a new triple threat staircase rail as the capstone to an amazing season-long transformation to their terrain park. The Hunter Mountain park staff, lead by Mike Valez, worked throughout the night building what could be considered the crown jewel of features available in the Catskills.

As the center piece for the upcoming Latitude 42 Degrees Rail Jam competition, this 20 foot long triple threat features a flat rail, a center rail and a down-flat-down rail. Located directly under B Lift at the bottom of the park, the staircase has a commanding presence over the base area and offers ringside views for anyone watching from the lodge.

Hunter Mountain Staircase Rail

For those doing the math this season: 20+ new snow guns in the park + a large assortment of rails and features (including the Nike Limo and now Burton Staircase) + the only halfpipe in the region = SICK!! Once again it’s worth saying Hunter Mountain made it happen.

The athletes raged during practice, feeding off their excitement for what was easily the best Slopestyle course they have seen all year. With perfect conditions, and the last chance to qualify for Nationals, for many competitors this was the day to lay it all on the line or pack it up for the season.

Slopestyle Winners 2.21.09 Hunter Mountain

Division - Athlete
  • Men’s Open Class - Brendan Meehan
  • Skier Girls - Natalie Ferretti
  • Skier Boys - Garrett Malone
  • Grommet Boys - Robby Meehan
  • Menehune Girls - Caroline Hughes
  • Menehune Boys - Jeremy Redaelli
  • Skier Boys - Ira Futterknecht
  • Junior Women - Charlotte Rhodes
  • Junior Men - Jordan Saccoccie
  • Breaker Girls - Storm Stanley
  • Breaker Boys - Chris Anderson
  • Youth Women - Shannon Corcoran
  • Youth Men - Tim Smith
  • Skier Men - Chris Gruner
  • Women’s Jam - Michelle Kane
  • Men’s Jam - Benjamin Talbot
  • Senior Men - Adam Solis-Cohen
  • Legend Men - Greg Mooy
  • Kahuna Men - Erik Donaldson

Brendan Meehan

In the Men’s Open Class Christian Walrath makes the cut for Nationals, but it was Brendan Meehan who took home the gold for his first victory of the season. After stomping two solid runs to beat Walrath in a head-to-head battle, Meehan is the first alternate for a chance to head to Nationals. Walrath, who has dominated the Slopestyle all year, received a late season injury that may force him to relinquish his spot on the team. With the outcome still to be determined, both riders will head to Nationals looking to represent the team.

Sean Maben

Chris Anderson

Sean Maben continued his chase for Chris Anderson, laying down some incredible runs during Heat 2 of the competition. Anderson, who is undefeated for the year, took home the win, linking every trick in his arsenal and remains one of the strongest competitors in the series. Big props go to Tanner Amoratis who has been in the hunt all year and has a strong presence on the mountain. Amoratis had an excellent day in the park, going big and landing switch tricks, to finish second behind Jordan Saccoccie. Jordan’s win secured his spot on the CMS National Slopestyle Team.

Chris Gruner

Erik Donaldson

The top ski athlete going to Nationals is Chris Gruner, who charged the course all day. With smooth rotations, big air, speed and confidence, Gruner easily took home the gold and will be the one to watch at Nationals. But the highlight of the day goes to Kahuna snowboarder Erik Donaldson who pulled off a huge switch backside 180 over the biggest jump on the course, and it was AWESOME!!

Jeremy Redaelli

As the hunt for a spot on the CMS National Team continues, the biggest surprise change in the standings came when Austin Lamoreaux had to miss this weekend’s Slopestyle event to attend (and win) a contest thrown by one of his sponsors,, allowing second place athlete and ripper Jeremy Redaelli to rise to the top of the leader board for the Menehune class. Congrats to Jeremy as his win earns him a spot on the CMS National Slopestyle Team.