Catamount BX/SX Fast & Furious

Catamount Boardercross/Skiercross

It was a beautiful blue sky day this past Saturday at Catamount for our 2nd Boardercross/Skiercross event of the season. Conditions were perfect for this head-to-head showdown on the slopes, with many riders from the Mid Atlantic Series showing up to throw their hats in the ring. After a day of intense competition, the CMS team pulled away in the medal count, with many of the races being won at the finish line.

For a family resort, Catamount features a 400 foot long halfpipe, a mini-progression park and a full sized terrain park with 21+ features. The resort also boasts the only full time Boardercross/Skliercross track in the region. All that and they are building an extensive adventure ropes course that will be open this spring.

Robby Meehan

No other venue in the region provides as much diversity as Catamount. Jenn Brown, the Events Director & Park Manager, put together a fast compact course with swooping rollers, tight turns and sharp drops.

Races were structured in heats of 3 and left no room to spare for riders who had to stay up close in personal as they charged the course. In the end it came down to focus and determination to win in what was one of the toughest events of the season so far.

Donny Malone goes head to head with Charlie Breest

Hands down the biggest contest of the day was between Donny Malone and Charlie Breest. Both athletes have really come to life the second half of this season, through out the year they have developed a friendly rivalry. In what turned out to be a vicious duel to the end, the pair fought shoulder to shoulder in the turns and doubled the rollers at high speeds.

Charlie Breest was a man on fire, exploding down the course in each race. Donny Malone in his relaxed style, rode with a focused aggression. In what came down to a photo finish, Malone came from behind to eek out a win over Breest at the finish line! Spectacular riding by both athletes and a job well done.

Here is a list of the first place winners:

  • Open Class Men - Chris Bush
  • Ruggie Girls - Abigail Barnes
  • Ruggie Boys - Blaze Conlan
  • Skier Boys - Garret Malone
  • Grommet Boys - Peter Conlan
  • Menehune Girls - Alexa Cerra
  • Menehune Boys - Jeremy Redaelli
  • Skier Boys - Sebastian Ferretti
  • Breaker Boys - Larry Redaelli
  • Youth Women - Maura Passione
  • Youth Men - Daniel Legg
  • Junior Men - Donny Malone
  • Women’s Jam - Nicole Imbriani
  • Men’s Jam - Monte Hoover
  • Senior Men - Brian Lebow
  • Legend Men - Greg Mooy
  • Kahuna Men - Erik Donaldson

Team Redaelli Larry Redaelli & Jeremy Redaelli

Team Redaelli continued their domination tour with both Larry and Jeremy winning their divisions with fast smooth runs. In what could have been an upset for Larry Redaelli, Mike Palella Jr. fought hard for another win after his victory at Windham earlier this month, but fell during the final race. Both athletes ride for the Hunter Mountain Team and are looking to qualify for Nationals. With two events left, I smell a showdown.

Not to be out done by the men, Maura Passione pulled off an amazing win over Sadie Saccoccie to take gold. After nearly being edged out in the final turn, Passione drove hard to the finish to beat Saccoccie by half a board length after trailing the entire race. Sacoccie with victory in sight eased up at the end, leaving just enough room on the inside for Passione to make the pass. Proof that it’s not over until it’s over.

Sebastian Ferretti

Other notable highlights include Sebastian Ferretti’s 2nd gold in Skiercross, with commanding runs down the course. His brother Nicolas Ferretti took 3rd behind Mike Buldo-Licciardi and Danny Legg in the youth men boardercross. Legg went on to land gold after yet another heated battle for the finish. Buldo-Licciardi also had a strong run and has really turned on the heat for the second half of the season.

Nicole Imbrini vs. Jenna Feldman

Female ripper Nicole Imbriani who has already qualified for Nationals in the Alpine events, took her second straight victory in the BX.  She took the gate with National champion and International competitor Jenna Feldman, an all-star athlete and one the most successful riders to come out of the Catskill Mountain Series. Jenna got her start in the Windham program and we are always happy to have her at our events.

Thanks again to the Catamount staff for all of their efforts and for providing another great season of events.

Hunter Mountain Team Winners Circle