Alpine Events Complete, 2nd Round For Halfpipe

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Youth Men Slalom Winner Danny Legg

Fresh on the heels of the Red Bull Future of Snowboarding event in NYC this past weekend, the CMS crew wrapped up their alpine events for the season and logged another round in Halfpipe competitions.

Despite a cold, dreary start to the day with slight rain and heavy winds, the Slalom event at Hunter Mountain on Sunday went off without a hitch. This ends the battle for the CMS tour leader spots in both the slalom and giant slalom events, and names the athletes for the CMS National Alpine Team.

Larry Redaelli Larry Rediaelli - Photo: J. Basil

Larry Redaelli from Monmouth Beach, NJ took home the fastest time of the day with a combined run time of (65:75). Not far behind him, his brother Jeremy Redaelli also took home the fastest time in his age group with a combined time of (69:15). With confidence on the course and strong family support, they are the ones to watch and difficult to beat. Both athletes have qualified for return trips to nationals again this year.

Hunter local and former regular competitor Breanna Thompson won her age group in her 1st comp since the new year. As a tough competitor on the slopes she raises the bar for others to follow, welcome back Breanna.

Breanna Thompson Breanna Thompson - Photo: J. Basil

Slalom Winners 2.8.09 Hunter Mountain

Division - Athlete

  • Ruggie Girls - Abigail Barnes
  • Grommet Boys - Robby Meehan
  • Menehune Girls - Caroline Hughes
  • Menehune Boys - Jeremy Redaelli
  • Breaker Boys - Larry Redaelli
  • Youth Women - Maura Passione
  • Youth Men - Michael Buldo-Licciardi
  • Junior Men - Donny Malone
  • Women’s Jam - Nicole Imbriani
  • Men’s Jam - Derek Whitehouse
  • Master Men - Przemyslaw Godycki
  • Legend Women - Terry Passione
  • Legend Men - Craig Kunaschk
  • Kahuna Men - Erik Donaldson

Against the odds and terrible weather, the Hunter Mountain park staff pulled together another Halfpipe for our 2nd round of competitions for the season. With the only Halfpipe in the Catskills, for some athletes this was their 1st and 2nd time in the pipe all year. Hats off to Hunter for stepping up to make that happen.

Jordan Sacoccie from Climax, NY continues to explode in the Halfpipe, consistently landing huge rotational airs on his first hits and navigating the pipe with speed and strength. Jordan is a favorite to win his age group and will likely return to Nationals again this year.

Ripper Charley Breest had a tough day with falls in both runs. Breest has turned in strong runs in his Slopestyle events all year and was second to Sacoccie in our first pipe. Look for Breest to step up and deliver in the remaining events.

Danny Legg Danny Legg - Photo: J. Basil

Other highlights included, local favorite Danny Legg puting down some of the best runs of the day launching over 8+ feet out of the pipe on both runs. Taylor Thompson took top honors in her age group after laying down a smooth spin at the bottom of the pipe. Austin Lamoreaux and Chris Anderson took home gold in their age groups and Brendan Meehan won the Open class.

Halfpipe Winners 2.8.09 Hunter Mountain

Division - Athlete

  • Open Class Men - Brendan Meehan
  • Ruggie Girls - Abigail Barnes
  • Skier Boys - Garrett Malone
  • Grommet Boys - Robby Meehan
  • Menehune Girls - Taylor Thompson
  • Menehune Boys - Austin Lamoreaux
  • Skier Boys - CJ Thompson
  • Breaker Boys - Chris Anderson
  • Youth Men - Danny Legg
  • Junior Men - Jordan Saccocci
  • Women’s Jam - Michelle Kane
  • enior Men - Chris Paternostro