Red Bull Snowscrapers Review

The CMS crew rocked NYC this past weekend for the first ever Red Bull Snowscrapers competition in East River Park. This Five Star TTR Event set against the backdrop of NYC’s amazing skyline drew 16 of the top riders from around the world with likes of Travis Rice, Torstein Horgmo and Terje Haakonsen. Up for grabs was a $100,000 cash prize, the largest purse ever for a new event of this size.

Red Bull Snowscrapers Venue Photo Left: Jessica Basil

From the USASA PacSun booth we had front row seats in the thick of the action. To our left was the sponsor village and the main stage, where we watched Chuck D rock the stage with Anthrax, and to our right the Oakley O-Lab and the infamous snowscraper, which towered 98 feet above the venue. The Red Bull Yacht was moored in the river directly alongside of the tower and had ring side seats for the main event.

From the top of tower looking East into Brooklyn you would see an iconic view of the Williamsburg waterfront and the Domino Sugar Factory. However, from the Brooklyn side the view was nothing short of epic. Nothing like this has ever been done before and the stage was set for history to be made.

View of the Red Bull Snowscrapers venue. Photo Left: Jessica Basil

The scene in NYC was blowing up and the athletes were pumped. The crowd was amped to have snowboarders hanging out, and the party was in full effect. Rock stars would have been jealous by the attention our riders were getting. The PacSun Team (Tyler Anderson, Brett Esser, Trevor Jacob and Derek Johnson) was mobbed 5 deep during the autograph session. Even our own CMS Riders (Robby & Brendan Meehan, Mike Palella Jr. and Jordan Saccoccie) soon found themselves beating back the crowd as they grabbed for autographs, photos and swag.

Despite subzero temperatures and in front of 40,000+ screaming spectators, the riders delivered a power house performance that had the audience on edge and cheering for more. The 16 riders competed in an open jam session for a chance to face off in an 8 man head-to-head battle for the prize. In the end, local Jersey rider Shayne Pospisil took first place and walked away with a cool 50 grand in prize money and the title of being crowned the first ever Snowscrapers Champion.

  1. Shanye Pospisil - USA
  2. Torstein Horgmo - NOR
  3. Scotty Lago - USA
  4. Travis Rice - USA
  5. Daniel Elk - NOR
  6. Shaun White - USA
  7. Bjorn Leines - USA
  8. Terje Haakonsen
The best trick award went to Terje Haakonsen with his one-footed method air, what?! That’s was sick!!

Terje Haakonsen one-footed method air - Jessica Basil Photo Photo: Jessica Basil

With a day to recover after the mayhem and party Thursday night, Saturday brought blue skies and warm temperatures for the Future of Snowboarding event between the USASA PacSun Team and the Red Bull Young Guns. As soon as the gates opened the venue was swarmed, rivaling Thursday in both the size and intensity of the crowd.

Once again the booth was a mob scene with the CMS crew working the crowd, giving out swag and signing autographs. Our own Austin Lamarouix, one of the youngest pro trampoliners in the world (and USASA class leader), performed a sick trampoline show with his team the Sky Riders in front of a capacity crowd. Adding to the mix was Spectrum Music who was rocking the booth handing out music, vinyl, and stickers to all of the kids.

However, the warm weather also meant rough conditions on the Snowscraper. With the sun shining directly on the runway of the tower, softened snow robbed the riders from the crucial speed needed in the transition in order to make the jump. Riders moving too slow were forced to slam on the brakes at the lip of the jump while others ended up in the safety net. Ouch is an understatement.

From the start of the competition the USASA PacSun Team dominated the event run after run. In the middle of the action NYC Mayor MIchael Bloomburg came to the top of the tower just to pose with USASA PacSun rider Tyler Anderson. USASA PacSun rider Trevor Jacob battled his way to first and took home the $1000 cash prize.

Mayor Bloomburg and Tyler Anderson Photo: Jason Toutolmin

Side by side our riders were going as big as the pros, and at the end of the day 24 people in the world hit the Snowscraper and 4 of them were USASA athletes. It was a good day for them and a new chapter in the future of the organization. As more sponsors begin to take an active role in our sport, working to create unique events of this caliber, it’s worth acknowledging sponsors like PacSun that make it possibly for us to grow.

As we packed up to head home we said our good byes to the USASA PacSun Team, Jason and Stacie (you rule!), who were flying out first thing in the morning to head back West. It was really great experience having the team represent in the city and for the athletes to gain exposure. We will definitely make this event again next year.