Hunter Mountain Videos On YouTube

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Check it out, here are the videos that Hunter made about our Boardercross Camp, Giant Slalom and Slopestyle events. There are two version available, here is the...

Giant Slalom & Slopestyle Results

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Competition Video Update - Episode 1

Hello everyone, we are excited to introduce for the first time video highlights and results from our events at the Catskill Mountain Series. This is a new feature that will be provided for each of our events through out the season.

Our goal is to be able to post the videos by the following Tuesday for Saturday events and the following Wednesdays for Sunday events. We will continue to unveil new features in the days and weeks ahead. We hope you enjoy.

Boardercorss Camp Is Rocking

It's a little past noon and the 1st half of the camp is a success. The riders spent the morning getting an introduction to the basics, working with both Bob and Jason. Just after registration the athletes had breakfast and got their photos taken with Bob and Jason.

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