Brendan & Pablo Battle it out!

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Danny Legg

Saturday - Belleayre Slalom:

It was -6 degrees at the house when we left and it rose to a high of -4 degrees on this brisk Saturday morning. We were greeted by Ski Patrol and a snowmobile with trailer in tow at 7:30 and started up the hill for what would turn out to be a great day of competitions. After a series of small obstacles during set-up of the Slalom course, the event team was able to have both venues (Slalom & Slopestyle) set and ready in time for inspection. Once the mountain race crew set up timing, it was on.

CMS Alumni Highlights

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Jeremy Thompson, Flow, CMS, Snowboarding

There are lots of comps out there on the snow and as you can see, CMS alumni are right there in the middle of them all. Recently, we’ve seen our alumni stepping up and going big. Take a look at a few highlights…

2009 US Open Snowboarding Championships

Day 5 Nationals CMS Results

CMS results for Competition Day 5 at the National Championships at Copper Mountain:

Day 5 Group 1 Slopestyle Results

Open Class Men

  •     46th Brendan Meehan

Day 5 Group 2 Halfpipe Team A Results

Ruggie Girls (7 & under)

  • 4th Abigail Barnes

Grommet Boys (8-9)

  • 17th Robby Meehan

Kahuna Men (50-59)

  • 4th Erik Donaldson

Day 5 Group 3 Giant Slalom Results

Youth Women (14-15)

Day 4 Nationals CMS Results

Another beautiful competition day for the National Championships at Copper Mountain but a storm is underway, check out today’s CMS results:

Day 4 Group 1 Halfpipe Final Results

Open Class Men

  • 36th  Colin Newcomb   
  • 39th Brendan Meehan

Day 4 Group 2 Giant Slalom Results

Grommet Boys (8-9)

  • 24th Robby Meehan

Master Men (30-39)

  • 1st Przemyslaw Godycki

Day 4 Group 3 Slalom Results

Menehune Girls (10-11)

Day 3 Nationals CMS Results

After another gorgeous day at Copper Mountain here is how the CMS crew did today:

Day 3 Group 2 Slalom Results

Ruggie Girls (7 & under)

  • 6th Abigail Barnes

Grommet Boys (8-9)

  • 17th Robby Meehan

Master Men (30-39)

  • 2nd Przemyslaw Godycki

Legend Men (40-49)

  • 15th Michael Palella

Day 3 Group 4 Boardercross Results

Youth Men (14-15)

  • 20th Michael Buldo-Licciardi
  • 26th Daniel Legg

Junior Men (16-17)

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