Slopestyle & Snowboard Slalom Added to Olympics

Exciting news for all our slopestyle snowboarders and skiers, as well as for our snowboard slalom competitors.

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Cole Tallerman winner of Windells Camp Raffle

Congratulations to Cole Tallerman on winning the Catskill Mountain Series raffle for a week at Windells Camp. Cole will be at Mt. Hood attending Windells for Session 7, August 5 -11. We'd like to thank the Windells crew for their support last winter and for giving our athletes a chance to train during the summer. We're excited to check out Cole on the hill next season and see what he learned at Windells!

Julia Frontero winner of High Casade Snowboard Camp Raffle

Julia Frontero is our lucky winner of our season-long raffle for a week at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. She will be attending Session 5, July 26 - August 2. Julia's brother, Jackson, has also signed up and will be out there with her. We'd like to thank the folks at High Cascade for their support throughout last season and for the opportunity to send Julia out for a camp session. We're looking forward to seeing Julia and Jackson at our events this winter!

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